Water Doughnut_design fiction

Avatar is a mutant being – a combination of otter, fish, bird, and Anatidae. It is a fictional future creature that evolved due to the pollution of the waters and the environment. He travels through time to guide us in changing the precourse and avoiding this future outcome. 

This design fiction represents the technology for preventing water pollution from households and helping the citizens understand better the impact of water pollution on the environment. The project was developed in a co-design activity with experts from the field of behavioural design, neurosciences, and design for sustainability. During this activity, the experts generated scenarios about the possible future design spaces to prevent water pollution. The scenario was generated through the Protocol for designing consciously technological artefacts developed as a part of Mila’s PhD research.

The fictional artefact consists of the device for monitoring the microplastics released in households embedding the holographic character – the Avatar. The Avatar engages a user in a conscious selection of products through storytelling. The user also has the mobile and app to activate devices, trace the products, and monitor consumer habits in time.

This scenario and fictional prototypes imagine a new way to apply and scale the sensors for microplastics and possible new interactions through holographic images.

::: This project was developed within a PhD research “Design Fiction for Critical Thinking: Designing Consciously Technological Artefacts to Tackle Aware Behaviours”

::: Year: 2021/2022

::: Context: Research| Academic