The studio conducts the activity of design and research consultancy and development. In parallel with this, the studio explores, creates, divulgates, and tests future visions and experiences of technologies, products and services, and interactions.


Design meaningful products and interactions

Address societal challenges: deal with the complexity and navigate the uncertainty

Apply Conscious Design values, such as investigating equity, empathy, and socio-ecological principles at different levels in the design process


1. Design, consultancy, and product development 








Support in product and product-system ideation, development and realisation, communication and visual design.




_Primary research (topic scraping, data collection, etc.)

_Secondary research (desk research)

_User analysis

_User journeys

_Development, co-creation, and application of design tools and methods

_Prototyping (physical and digital)

_Testing (focus groups, pilot testing, user testing)

_Knowledge (workshops, hackathons, lectures)



typical outcome

_Reports (written dissemination of the project - research, findings, and results)

_Visual (renderings, 3D models, video or animated content)

_User journeys and interaction flow

_Prototypes (physical and digital)

_Technical documentation (drawings and technical sheets)

2. Research consultancy and development






Support in research, setting, planning, development and dissemination.



_Need defining, User analysis, Context analysis, Benchmarking (research)

_Ideation (concept design, identifying design spaces)

_Design & Engineering (product development, CMF)

_Prototyping (physical and digital)

_User testing

_Communication and graphic design


typical outcome

_Reports, research visualisation and dissemination

_Scenarios and Artefacts, physical and digital prototypes

_Workshops and Hackathons

_New design tools and methods

3. Futuring practices

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Explore and anticipate the future of products and services.Rethink the present practice and strategies. Tackle global challenges.




_Scraping and exploring emergent topics, future challenges and directions

_Development of scenarios

_Design Fiction (materialising, communicating, contextualising and testing future visions and not yet-existing artefacts)

_Knowledge (workshops, hackathons, lectures, envisioning and brainstorming sessions)

*** background method Protocol for Designing Consciously by Mila Stepanovic



typical outcome

_Scenarios (textual and visual narratives)

_Fictional prototypes (physical, digital, video or animated content)

_Reports (written dissemination)

_New design tools and methods


who can benefit



Commercial sector including agencies and companies, manufacturing sector.



Research institutes and centers, academia, companies and agencies, and other institutions.



Universities, companies and agencies, other institutions.

Mila Stepanovic


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